Buddharaju NagaRavindra
Mobile: 98851 75222

Career Objective

To pursue a challenging position where my technical and project management experience can be best utilized to improve the team’s productivity and efficiency in alignment with organization goals.


Coached SCRUM processes and values to various teams and helped them improve their productivity and reduced time to market.  SCRUM is the agile project management methodology used in software development. 
Managed multiple software development teams as SCRUM master.

Promoted and rolled out agile development methodologies like XP, into various teams.
Managed Systems Management Group; team size is 9. Systems management group manages the hardware, software, and network infrastructure in the entire company(Integraph India).
Professional management, J2EE development, and systems & network Administration experience over last 16 years.

Professional Accomplishments/Strengths

·         Extensively worked in design and development using J2EE, Hibernate, Spring framework, Aspect oriented programming(AOP), SQL, Web Services(XFire), JSF, Jboss  Seam, Jboss Richfaces, AJAX, Lucene, LDAP, STRUTS, XML, JavaScript, UNIX, PERL, KSH, and other Internet Technologies.

·         Extensively worked on performance monitoring and tuning using tools like LoadRuner, Jprofiler, Jhat, Jmap, and Jconsole.

·         Mentored multiple teams on performance monitoring and tuning.

·         Design and development activities supported by thorough understanding of OO analysis, design patterns, security, performance tuning, network architecture & administration.

·         Well versed in web technologies and n-tier architectures. Able to learn/adapt new emerging technologies into work area.

·         Pioneered in emerging technologies by developing prototypes(JBOSS Seam integration, Lucene & Hibernate-Search integration) and lead the team to integrate the prototypes into the main application.

·         Proven ability in performing versatile responsibilities like PEOPLE MANAGEMENT, MENTORING, & TEAM MOTIVATION.

Technical History:   
            Java, J2EE-based technologies, Java Server Faces (JSF), Rich Faces/AjaxforJSF, Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), JDBC, SQL/Oracle RDBMS, Hibernate, Servlets, Java Server Pages (JSP), BEA Weblogic Application Server, Ant, Tomcat Web Server, HTML, XHTML, Javascript, CSS, EDI, XML, XSLT, Design Patterns, JUnit  automation, IntelliJ, Unix, Rational Rose/Unified Modeling Language (UML),  Waterfall methodology, Scrum/Agile/Extreme Programming methodologies, Perforce source control. JProfiler, LoadRunner, Jconsole, Lucene API, Clover for code coverage, Jmap, Jhat, Clustering, Caching(EHCache), webservices, Xfire, Spring framework, Swing, piccolo, pzoom, Teamcity


SCRUM Master/Coach, Hyderabad                                                  Mar ’09 – Present
Client: GXS

Trained SCRUM processes and worked as a SCRUM coach for multiple teams in GXS Bangalore. Supported with technical and project management expertise in delivering the required functionality.

Managed a team in Cybage, Hyderabad as a SCRUM master.  The team worked on the Export/Import of AI(Actionable Intelligence)  core modules effort. Provided technical guidance to the team and acted as a liaison between the team and the architect in US.

Mentored multiple teams in agile development methodologies. Configured projects in TeamCity for continuous build and integration. Developed automated unit test framework including code coverage in various projects.
Designed and developed J2EE application along with Flex based widgets in AI project. These components are exposed as web service interfaces and as part of this effort, worked extensively on Spring, Hibernate tuning, SQL tuning, JMS, Active MQ, EHCache and XFire web services.
Sr. Software Engineer, Inovis, Inc. USA                              Feb ’00 – Feb ‘09

Lead the DataSync ImageEx application as a SCRUM Master and technical mentor.  ImageEx is a Swing based ZUI(Zoomable user interface) application which relies on open source projects like Piccolo, Pzoom, and FEST. While developing this application contributed to the Pzoom & FEST open-source projects as well. FEST is a test framework for Swing based applications.

Designed and Prototyped text based search engine using Apache Lucene. Integrated Apache Lucene in to the Catalogue application using Hibernate-Search API.

Researched and Implemented Hibernate second level cache implementation (EHCache).

Designed and developed various components in Catalogue application 4.x, which hosts 120 million UPCs in retail industry.   Vendors upload their data/images and retailers retrieve the data/images. Extensively worked on various Catalogue application interfaces like Web, EDI, xml, VAN, ZUI Swing.

Researched and prototyped two-phase commit mechanism across the Oracle and DB2 databases for Catalogue application to replace the current DataMirror replication. Due to performance issues the two-phase commit was not implemented.

Improved UI scalablity by tuning memory utilization of JSF/Ajax states in Jboss richfaces (open-source third party application).

Designed and Developed application user interfaces using richfaces JSF components, Ajax4JSF, Jboss Seam.

Configured and developed web services using Spring framework and Xfire.

Network Administrator, Microsoft Corporation,USA                     Mar’99 – Feb ‘00

Developed WEB based application to start and check status of builds running on remote build servers, using ASP, JavaScript, PERL, and PerlScript.

Developed build scripts, which include the entire process of synchronizing source code from VSS, build the makefile, and compile & build installshield setup, using NT Batch scripts and PERL.

Assistant Manager, Intergraph India Limited, INDIA                    Jul ‘94 - Feb ’99
Managed Systems Management Group, which is responsible for NT domains, Solaris servers, DNS, mail servers, web servers, routers, switches, voice data multiplexer, proxy servers.

Developed shell scripts and batch scripts to automate processes.
Worked extensively as NT/Unix and Network administrator.

Trainee, STPI Hyderabad, INDIA                                                      Jan ‘94 - Jun ’94

Developed an Alarm monitoring tool, to log all the alarms generated from AT&T MAR-30 communication equipment. The application is developed in C. Developed terminal emulator program for MAR-30.


SUN Certified Enterprise Architect
SUN Certified Java Programmer.


·         MS Software Engineering – Enterprise Software Technology, San Jose State University.
·         Bachelor of Technology (Computer Science), JNTU, India
·         Special Diploma in Electronics (Specialization in Computer Engineering), India
·         Completed following courses from UC Berkeley:
            Project Management
Quality management